Hi Guys,

As most of you would be aware after I took a week off for our first family holiday ever, a few days later my baby became very ill and was taken to emergency and diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and a complication from it being left diagnosed and treated called DKA. He was then taken by ambulance to the ICU at the Queensland Children’s Hospital and then that week moved to the ward there for further treatment and also for us to be educated on Type 1 Diabetes and how to treat him, he requires full time care for us and its been not just upsetting and exhausting but has also affected mine and my husbands work.

The minute I got home last Thursday night I started packing orders that were placed whilst I was on holidays as well as whilst I was in the hospital for a week. They’ve all been dispatched with about a dozen left to send today (6th Feb) and a couple ones from this week that will go out over next few business days. I have been checking with Australia Post with each parcel to ensure will arrive before Valentine’s Day, so even with all these delays in dispatch that should not be effected.

I’ve started emailing people their tracking numbers but I still have the Australia Post receipts here for the last 3 days to email, unfortunately I do this manually so it takes hours and hours and my priority has been packing orders and attending to the baby (as well as my other children).

If you still haven’t received your tracking number please contact me via email info@forherbox.com.au and I will find and provide your’s as a priority.

Things should go back to some sort of normal with dispatching orders now that I’ve caught up, however instead of posting orders 6 days a week, I will now only be posting orders on Tuesday afternoons, Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Thanks to everyone that has been so supportive during this tough time and your well wishes have meant a lot to me,