Ready, Set, Flo – The Period Starter Kit

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It can be an anxious time for Mum & Daughter as puberty starts to kick in when you feel like only yesterday you were changing her nappy. We’ve put together these bags for Mum’s to gift to daughters, before or after her period starts.

We recommend getting one from when she turns 11 so you can have a chat with her and this bag can discreetly go in the bottom of her school bag , sports bag or sleep over bag , as we all know it always comes one of those times (and never gets any less inconvenient!)

Instead of a box, this one comes in a Toiletry Bag

Inside the bag she will find:

  • Lipgloss (little gift for her )
  • Cute Period Tracker stickers for her to use in her diary or calendar
  • Assorted Pads – different types, shapes, thicknesses etc so she can understand all the different types – will be at least 10 pads
  • Assorted Liners – explain to her about using liners with tampons or the days leading up to her period or as her period ends – will be at least 3 different liners for her to try
  • Assorted Tampons – including applicator tampons as these are popular for young girls that are learning to use them or don’t like to use them but still want to. Please note we are happy to exclude tampons all together if you wish – simply pop in notes and we will include extra pads/liners.
  • Chocolate Bar & Mini Nutella Jar



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