“I see a world where sexual stigma and shame are erased, and gender equity and empowerment are embraced.” – Lora DiCarlo, Founder & CEO

We believe in empowering people of all genders to explore, educate, love, and accept themselves and others. By embracing diverse passions, preferences, and anatomies we are able to solve problems that affect everyone. When people are empowered, they go on to do great things and change the world.

Since being founded in 2017, Lora DiCarlo quickly found success and international attention after receiving a coveted Robotics Innovation award from the Consumer Technology Association. When the award was rescinded, a critical public conversation about gender equity in tech was initiated. Lora DiCarlo has continued to champion the cause of women’s sexual health, by inventing toys that use microrobotics for a more human touch than any other toy on the market.

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