For Her Box started after a bitch session about periods. We hate it when Flo comes to visit, especially when she shows up uninvited or she over-stays her welcome. She’s painful, messy and downright rude sometimes. We all know we’re stuck with her off and on for many years, so I decided to create a feminine product delivery service that coincides with “that time of the month” to make it a welcome, joyful occasion.

Soon after launching we had a demand for even more products women want, from face masks to “massagers” we are changing week to week as we bring our customers more of what has them screaming YES! YES! YES!

My passion behind For Her Box comes from our love of luxury products, online shopping, small business, home deliveries and our displeasure for menstruation. We may not like big issues like periods and PMS, but we’re crazy about the little things. Things that make people smile. Things like Nutella (free with every order).

Mum of 2 boys, Nik lives in North Lakes, Queensland and the office & warehouse is about 15 minutes around the corner. My job is to listen to what you want, source the very best products and create gift boxes that cater to Australian females. All our delivery boxes are chock-full of high quality essentials, treats and gifts that we’ve hand-picked to be fun, useful and enjoyable. A lot of our products are from small Australian Businesses and heaps of them are organic, when you support For Her Box you are support an entire small Australian business community.

We know periods are a pain in the… ahem…bottom. We can’t take them away but we can make them a whole lot more pleasurable.

But our gift boxes don’t just include the monthly necessities, that would be no fun! We want soothing teas, luxury bath products and chocolate, goodness me, don’t forget the chocolate. And we know other women want this stuff too.

Check out our For Her Box “The Boxes” to see which box is best for your box.

Psst…We also have a grand range of female-centric merchandise that you can stock up on at anytime.

Contact Nik via text anytime at 0418 482 040 – please allow up to 24hrs for a reply, alternatively email to reach Nik directly.