SEX THERAPIST – Why you might need one and how to find one.

The best part of doing what I do (Not just owning & operating an adult store , but I handle every single enquiry and order personally) is the fact that people trust me and feel comfortable to talk to me about their needs, desires, issues, relationship and so on. Whilst I can make product suggestions, I am NOT a Sex Therapist or any sort of Health Professional. If I had known 15 years ago I’d end up running an Adult Store I would of definitely considered getting a degree in Sexual Health however for many reason this hasn’t nor will it ever happen. Of course I study as much material as I can so I can make the best product suggestions, I still will never feel comfortable nor be at all qualified to give you relationship advice or sexual health advice.

If you feel comfortable chatting to me that is great and I still welcome you to talk to me, but I really encourage you to take that next step and reach out to a professional whether that is starting with your GP or finding yourself a qualified Sex Therapist. They are in a position to hear and understand what you are saying and actually help you, of course if they recommend any products sold by an Adult Store I am here to further assist you.

The easiest way to find a sex therapist is to type in to google “sex therapist” and if you have locations turned on it should find some near you otherwise add to your search your town / city. But if its more a health related issue, start with your GP. They want to help you, they will not judge you. There is also plenty of amazing books out there on sexual health again just jump onto google and search sexual health books or browse via sexual health category at your favourite book store. The best thing you can ever do for your sexual health is talk to someone, talk to your friends, talk to your partner , talk to your GP. Communication alone can do wonders. There is nothing to be ashamed of and the challenges you are facing are more common then you might think.

Some of the concerns that a Sex Therapist can help you with:

  • Premature Ejaculation (him coming to quickly)
  • If you have any pain during intercourse (please always see a GP ASAP if you experience any pain or discomfort)
  • Loss of Sex Drive or High Sex Drive or partners sex drive doesn’t match your own
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm / lack of enjoyment during sex
  • Sexual Compulsive Behaviours aka Sex Addiction
  • Sexual Performance Anxiety “Will I be good enough” “Am I big enough” “Will they hate my body/ don’t want them to see my body” etc
  • Inability to achieve or maintain an erection
  • Relationship issues such as jealousy, cheating, not being able to communicate, lack of intimacy etc
  • Delayed Ejaculation (him having issues ejaculating/ reaching orgasm)
  • Confusion over Sexual orientation
  • Helping you with your gender identity
  • If you have suffered past sexual trauma
  • If you have a disability or post surgery or even going through menopause

Yes, there are some products I sell that can help with some of the above issues but I still must insist you consider speaking to a professional as well.

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