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NEW Candy Shop Lubricants

The new Candy Shop Lubricants by Jo just arrived and I was sent a tester for each. I sent my hubby a message telling him we need to schedule in 3 x 69 sessions so I can review them (3 different flavours – Butterscotch, Cotton Candy & Bubblegum). However I am truly inpatient and we all know that I talk a big game but come bedtime I will weasel my way out of it.


So I just opened them all up (the packaging is really cute, great size and very easy to get out of bottle) and tried each one here is my review for each flavour and in general my review on the Jo H20 Water based lubricants.

Product Review

Cotton Candy – its nice, however it has a slight melon taste and I can taste melon a mile away and its not something I like, I can eat watermelon about once a year, all other melon fruit can fuck off. If you like a slight melon flavour then yes I can tell it would be a nice flavour overall, but yeah I can’t do melon flavoured anything.

Butterscotch – omg it instantly reminded me of the butterbeer I had in America at Universal studios. So so yum and the other really good thing is it wasn’t over powering, so many of these types of caramely flavours are so strong, this one doesnt taste sickly, its light but still full of a absolutely spot on butterscotch flavour. My favourite of the 3.

Bubblegum – lives up to its name tastes exactly like bubblegum, really fun and again its not sickly sweet or over powering but you still get a full flavour. You will love this if you love that traditional bubblegum flavour.

Water Based Lubricants

Jo H20 Lubricants are awesome, these ones are water based which means they are safe to use with condoms and toys and they are just an overall really good lubricant to use. They are not sticky, will easily wash off and they are great value and decent size bottle.  The great thing about these flavoured lubricants is you can use them in foreplay, toy play, oral sex and then straight into intercourse too.

Buy yourself one to try here.

The New JO® H2O CANDY SHOP FLAVOURED LUBRICANT offers a range of new flavors that will bring back all of your fondest memories of those devilishly sweet desserts, while also enhancing foreplay and intimacy. Formulated with a pure plant-based glycerin and infused with natural flavor extracts, this collection will encourage your more “Playful” side, while simultaneously enticing your all too important “Naughty Side”! No added sugar or artificial sweeteners also make this a guilt-free addition that will bring the Candy Shop to any bedroom.

Comment below with what flavour you are keen to try , or come back and leave a review below once you’ve tried them.

What product would you like me to review here next?

Nik x

4 thoughts on “Product Review – Candy Shop Lubricants

  1. Kymmy says:

    I would like to try all three of them I love the sound of the melon and the bubblegum one but the other seems interesting as well how do I go about getting them or where can I get them ?

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