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Sex toys for beginners

And everyone else who likes to orgasm.

I guess this is more so a long winded frequently asked question and answer more so than a blog today but fuck it, my page, my way.

Over the last 2 years of owning this adult store and myself being rather new to the world of it, I mean I had visited adult stores a couple times over the years but would always end up just buying porn and not knowing where to start. After one of my many break ups and I don’t need no man tantrums I jumped online and ordered a Bunny style vibrator , I wasn’t obsessed with it but I was also a self proclaimed VIP on RSVP so I didn’t rely on it to often. Since owning this store and trying out new things I have worked out what I do and don’t love in way of toys. My customers have also taught me a lot and I’ve read 100’s of review and articles. So I now have a better understanding of what products to offer those that were like me once and new to the world of toys.

I get asked this question multiple times a week “I’ve never owned a toy before and not sure what I need or what to get first”.

Now I probably always give a very biased and clit-stimulation heavy answer. But I also draw on the feedback I get from customers and all that I’ve learnt as well. Then nearly every single time a couple days after their delivery has arrived and say “OMG, I love you, I love them, I’m addicted, holy shit this is good” .



The Satisfyer

SATISFYER 2 satisfyer pro 2

Ok so absolute must have is your Satisfyer. I always recommend the Satisfyer 2 , however if someone requests rechargeable then I suggest they upgrade to the Pro 2.

The Satisfyer basically simulates oral sex via this like magical pulsing suction. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Just trust me and buy one immediately.

Ladies love to use it in the shower, just don’t store it in shower.  You can also like most toys use during foreplay and solo play. If you get the position just right you can even use this during intercourse.

Going off what I said in my lube blog, using a little water based lubricant with this toy will blow your mind. Lube isn’t just for internal toys!  I will blog one day soon more about Satisfyers as I have so much more to say. In meantime please buy one, I sell these way below RRP purely cos I want every woman to experience one.

The Climax G

Next suggestion is the Climax G. This is a great multi-use toy. First of all its great for those that don’t like penis looking vibrators. This Vibrator has a long handle and then this glorious bulb on the end. So here is a list of ways people love to use this toy:

climax vibrating g spot purple

  • Bulb inside vagina, either just in or stimulating Gspot during Oral Sex! Yes please.
  • As above for foreplay or solo play
  • Using the vibrating bulb against clitoris , again during foreplay or solo play.
  • As above but during intercourse, you can hold it against your clitoris whilst having sex
  • Its waterproof so fun to use in shower together or perhaps for a nice even more so relaxing bath
  • Use can even use it to stimulate other body parts, nipples, balls, anal

Better yet I now sell it for only $29.95!

Of course I have many more suggestions for toys, but these are the 2 I personally recommend to start off with. If you’d like me to make any more suggestions for you , perhaps more couples toys or more just for her toys then contact me here


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  1. Belinda says:

    I had no idea about lube and toys untill one of your comments on your page best advice ive ever taken on hahaha… loving the blog you do such and amazing job

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