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Second blog, let’s do this.

(Cos my SEO chances of ever making it to the front page of google and 3 friends are counting on it.)

Everyone always presumes that because I own a sex shop that I am some sex maniac. *Husband reading over my shoulder bursts into hysterical laughter* But the truth is I’m an awkward AF person. This holds me back from trying many things. Plus its really simple to put me in the mood. My choice of foreplay is simple, a massage. Customers always ask me “Nik – out of the 1000 high quality, well priced & amazing hand selected products you sell what is your favourite?” . Well other than the satisfyer (another blog for another time when I’m ready to take this blog to the next level of oversharing) my favourite products are basically any of the massage products (though I do prefer lotion over oils just for the sake of my over priced bed sheets).

I love massages so freaking much. Will admit that I bribe my children to massage my feet. Honestly will just about do anything for someone if they massage my back. Plus my partner has recently worked out that if he massages my head he receives head.



Massage Clinics

Over the years people always got me gift vouchers for massages at places like those shopping centre beauty places or massage places. I’ve just always been so busy in life that those vouchers would expire. After years of people buying me these vouchers and years of them expiring cos I never took the time out for me I couldn’t confess my secret to anyone that I wasn’t using them and kept accepting them (I’m not usually this shit of a person and in my defence it was mostly my ex-in-laws) . I also didn’t like the idea of going to a shopping centre and getting my gear off and having a stranger touch me. Well more so see me. I don’t like my body, I don’t like my skin. I would feel so uncomfortable I just wouldn’t enjoy the massage no matter how good it was.

My review of Calming Concepts – the Legend, Leah.

Fast-forward to about hmmm 2-3 years ago I went to a chicks at the flicks at event cinemas and there was a lady there giving out free mini neck massages and vouchers to visit her home clinic. I just instantly connected with her and felt comfortable with her. So I had my 30 min free massage voucher to use and you know what I booked in. After all those years of people being so generous buying me all these massages, it took receiving a free massage voucher (and if you know me I don’t like taking things for free) to book in for my first ever massage (actually I lie I think like 17 years ago I went to a day spa and they may of done one then but I like to forget everything I did between the ages of 17 to 20 haha)

Finally, I book in with Leah at Calming Concepts at North Lakes (QLD) where I was actually lucky for me living around the corner at the time . I went there for my 30 min free massage in her home clinic. You instantly feel safe and at ease with Leah in the room she has set up.It is very professional and beautiful set up. She makes you feel like you are the most important person to her and that your comfortable, relaxed and that she is giving you her full attention at all times. You get that feeling of that she loves what she does, she loves her customers, she loves massaging , you just get this feeling I can’t even put into words.

Home clinic massages are so good. I like that I can just rock up in my most daggiest clothes, no make up and no one from the public has to see me before or after. Means I can stay in my peaceful little bubble afterwards, not face the shit storm of a shopping centre car park afterwards. Also having that same person look after you each time you book and whilst I think I’m so special that I’ve become a friend of Leah’s I’m positive all her customers now see her as a friend too. She is great to chat with if you like to have a chat through your treatment but she will totally chill out in peace with you too if you rather that.

So anyways I re-booked multiple times over my pregnancy. My body other than making a beautiful baby was a piece of absolute torturous shit to me. I also had some massages done after bub was born. I try get back to her as often as I can afford it which isn’t too often right now cos this little biz of mine consumes every cent plus some. There are days I lay there thinking my mind and/or body really needs a massage from Leah today but due to finances I can’t book in, so I ask my husband for a massage and his hulk man hands just are not the same at Leah’s qualified gentle magically hands.

If you live in North Lakes or happy to travel there then she is well worth the visit. Leah also does Facials and all sorts of other treatments to pamper you. Tell Leah I recommended her. She will give you a beautiful cup of this magical tea she sells as well as a little grounding foot bath before your massage (kidding she does this for you anyway, she really goes above and beyond).

Ok so back to home massages. How much better is a massage with a lotion or oil. When my husband goes in dry I’m not sure if its my back receiving the massage or his callouses.

Massage products I love to use and sell here

Dona has a range of aphrodisiacs and pheromones infused Massage lotions and oils. I always have a bottle of their massage lotion on the bedside table ready to hint to the husband with.

Earthly Body has the Hemp Seed collection which includes lotions and oils. They also have candles that you can melt it to pour onto the body to use the oil from that. Everyone who tries a Hemp seed massage product always raves about it and buys more. I recently took a little bottle from the office to try to see what all the fuss is about. Can confirm it smells and feels delicious.

I also sell Flirty Feet which has a foot scrub and foot massage lotion. Edible “kissable” massage oils and 2 new ranges of aromatherapy massage oils which I’m super keen to try out.

Alrighty well I’ve been up for hours and still haven’t had a coffee yet. How the F**k did I manage to write this without one is beyond me. Caffeinated me will probably come back and re-read this all later cringing. But nothing really new about that.

Here is the link to all the massage lotions & potions Remember I have Afterpay & Zippay now too.

So if you are lucky enough to live in or around North Lakes, QLD here is Leah’s website , just as I was grabbing this link I’ve noticed she is doing a $99 special for March for a 90 minute facial, imagine that plus a massage, you’d feel like a new human. Hint Hint, my birthday is in August and I accept gifts in March (I kid, I kid).

Nik x

2 thoughts on “Nik talks Sex & Massages…

  1. Hal says:

    This is such a good an in depth read. I want to book with Leah right now, you made her sound so good!! Thanks Nik! X

  2. Anna says:

    Nice to hear you have found the right place and can now really begin to let your body and soul be rejuvenated. Like your masseuse i also love my job. I began in beauty therapy and eventually many years later i returned to the profession but in a vastly different way. Im Swedish born and trained in Swedish therapy. So i have pride in our ancient healing practices and wanted to learn more. I now understand healing through touch, sensation, environment and connection has so many more benefits than just a soothing massage. It can heal the soul, the mind and emotions of people who have suffered trauma, ptsd, grief, heartache and many more social and psychological issues than one imagines. My journey of discovery led me to understand that healing through ancient intimate methodology is a gift and something that is in my DNA.
    I was meant to do it because it was always my role even if i didn’t know it. Generations of Scandinavian women have had traditional roles in society that are theirs from birth. Old Norse healing powers passed down from grandmother to mother to daughter by birthright and bloodline, not through written instruction and practical learning.
    Over a couple years i began to notice then look very closely at the amount of men i had met who for one reason or another seemed to be missing something. They just began to single me out in a meeting, party or pretty much anywhere i was and opened up their hearts and minds to me disclosing very private details of their lives and the distress they are struggling with. Complete strangers or connections through friends that were so seriously wounded, lost and in turmoil because either nothing a doctor or family can do has helped them, and in some cases they dont even know what is wrong! All they know is that they are struggling with life and a sense of something being broken. So i began to offer my services first with one or two men id spent more time around and eventually advertising and working full time. I was flooded.
    Aussie guys suffering ptsd after leaving the armed forces and active duty in Afghanistan and Timor. Divorced men who were left after long term relationships without closure. Young men who have difficulty making friendships, relationships or even interacting normally in social scenarios. Married men who are in sexless lonley marriages, love is there but life has eroded away any special time or attention towards them from their wife. Men whose jobs are high stress and who have responsibility to keep others safe and healthy, they look after others and not themselves. The list goes on….
    5mins into my session and and they are pouring out everything that is destroying them inside, breaking their hearts, confidence and sense of self worth. My God i had no idea just how many there are. Our men are not coping and we are oblivious.
    I began to open up my own hidden knowledge and skills, the power i was born with and that i subconsciously knew i possessed. They must have been what led me into beauty therapy to begin with, what made me leave so quickly when i felt no satisfaction and what eventually drove me to research, discover and open my mind to understand the true nature of my heritage and gifts that run in my blood. So yes massage is a wonderful experience when practiced by a true therapist. But the reason certain special people have something that others dont in this business is much more than just experience or reputation. Its a power of caring and we own it, love it and respect it because people need healing, even if they don’t know it yet.
    Thank you for this blog and the chance for me to share something personal from my heart.

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