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Well I’ve only been in business for 10+yrs now and guess its about time I do a blog. Is that what we still call them in 2019? I have no fucking clue.

To start with I will let you know a few things:

a) I don’t have the time to proof read which leads me to point b…

b) my grammar/english all that shit isn’t the best because I spent way to much time at school talking to boys then I did listening to my english teacher. I did learn the difference between their and there when I was 29 so 80% of the time I get that correct now.

Ok, lubricants.

So in the 2 years of having this sex store thrown at my feet (long story for another day , though OG’s will know the story) I’ve learnt alot about lubricants that I’d like to share with you.

First, there is this misconception that lubricants are for dried up old ladies. Fucking False. This annoys me actually. Yes things can effect moisture levels in life such as childbirth, menopause, age, hormones etc. But lubricant is honestly for everyone and you should never feel ashamed for wanting/needing to use it. Even if you think you dont need it, try it, you will be joyful surprised at the difference it makes.



So types of lubes in general are water based or silicone based (there is a few other hybrid options as well such as ones made with coconut oil etc) the main thing you always need to remember is this:


WON’T WORK WITH WATER, so that basically means, this is not the lube for you to choose if wanting to have fun in water (eg Shower, Bath, Pool, Spa etc) . It does mean it will wash off easy from you and your sheets etc with water so this is a huge plus. It’s also the only lubricant you should be using with your sex toys (will explain why in the Silicone based bit below) . You can also get water-based ones that heat up and tingle/cooling effect. Plus of course a fuck tonne of flavours like chocolate, mint, pineapple, creme brulee, strawberry cheesecake, cookies and cream and the list goes on and on (my favourite is cinnamon because tastes like donuts!)


STEER CLEAR OF USING WITH SILICONE TOYS. However this is the one you want if you want to get wet n wild. It is also usually longer lasting then water-based (because your body will also absorb some of the moisture out of the water-based ones) so Silicone is good if just being used for sex. It’s not great for Oral or Toy play though, so stick to your water based ones for that. Silicone-based lubricants can melt your Sex toys, this is why you should stick to water-based ones for sex toys (Basically Silicone + Silicone = Shit , this is also why you shouldn’t store all your toys on top of each other)

Other Lubricants

Other lubricant that is really popular and for good reason is your Anal Lubricants. Now there is generally 2 types, a “normal” one which is extra lubricating to make more comfortable because this aint a self-lubricating place… Then there is the “numbing” ones. Now I do sell them as well, but you need to take extra extra special care when using these. The point is you should be able to feel it not just for pleasure but for control so you don’t do yaself a mischief. I recommend lots of foreplay and just a good Anal “normal” lubricant. Such as the Wicked Jelle’s which come in unscented, heating or cooling options.

There is also other products like moisturising products. Some women opt to use those discreetly instead of using a lubricant with their partner. There is also a bunch of oral flavoured gels. Note that sometimes these aren’t actually lubricants so should really just be used for oral and not as a lubricant.

More great information you should read about Lubricants here 

Got a lubricant question, you can contact me anytime at

PS – Hot tip: Satisfyer/Clit Toys with Water-based lubricant. Yes lubricant is for external pleasure and self pleasure too. You will thank me later for this.

Nik x

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